What is supplied with the motorhome?

In each motorhome there are cups, plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery for 6 people. We have also included a  corkscrew (essential!), grater, scissors, vegetable knife, and lighter (for the gas burners) in each van. There are three saucepans and a frying pan.

What happens when I arrive to collect the motorhome?

We recommend that you allow up to 45 minutes to collect the motorhome. We then take you to meet your accommodation! We will show you how everything works inside and outside of the motorhome and supply you with a manual so you don’t need to worry about remembering everything!

How much fuel will be in the motorhome?

We send out the vans with a full tank of diesel to get you on your way. Please return the van with the same.

Where can I go with the motorhome?

You are covered on the insurance to travel in the UK and Europe. We do not have a limit on mileage so you can go where you please. Please bear in mind that the motorhome is larger than a normal car so care has to be taken on some of the more narrow roads! You may find it easier to park a little further away and walk or take the bus to some rural locations.
The breakdown cover is also valid for UK and Europe so you have peace of mind wherever you travel.  The insurance does not cover your personal possessions so if you are travelling with items of value, we advise that you take out your own cover.

Are pets allowed in the vans?

We do allow up to 2 well behaved pets to travel in the motorhomes. We ask that you make sure they stay off the seats.

Who can drive the motorhomes?

All of our vans are under 3.5 tons so are fine to drive on a normal licence.  You need to be between 25 and 75 years old for insurance reasons. You need to be careful not to overload the van or you will go over the 3.5 ton weight limit and be liable to fines/points on your licence. There is approx a 300kg allowance on the vans.

Are there any hidden costs?

We have to take a £1000 security deposit for insurance reasons. We do this as a pre-authorisation payment on a debit/credit card. This means the money doesn’t leave your account but is held incase of an accident/damage etc. This is similar to when you hire a car or stay at a hotel. The money is held for 10 days and  if there is no damage it will be released back into your account again.

What happens if I break something while on hire?

If you have an accident, please call us as soon as possible and do not leave the scene.  If you bump the van, or cause minor damage to it, please let us know before you return. We can then order any parts needed and replace them straightaway before the next hire. As the vans often go out again the same day, this is really crucial. If something inside gets broken, ie cups, plates etc please let us know when you return and we can replace them.
We are extremely fair and will not take extra money from you unless there is a very good reason.  We ask that you help us by keeping us informed.

How can I book?

If you are wanting to book some dates, please give us a ring on 07956 407287 and we can check the availability for you and advise you which van is most suitable. We will then email you the booking forms and take a £250 deposit. You can then pay the remaining balance in installments if you prefer. The full balance must be paid in full 14 days before the hire starts.

If you have any more questions, please give us a call!